Women in Sport Symposium

Wendy Braybon

Wendy has had an extensive career in sports physiotherapy and is an established Specialist Sports Physiotherapist.

She was appointed to be the Head Physiotherapist for the 2012 Australian Olympic Team and the Australian Women’s Gymnastics Team at the 2014 Commonwealth Games. Wendy is now the Physiotherapy Representative on the Australian Olympic Committee Medical Commission.

Wendy was also the Head Physiotherapist at the 2014 Gymnastic World Championships in China, which was her fourth World Championships in this role. In addition, she has represented Australia as physiotherapist at Barcelona, Atlanta, Sydney and Beijing Olympics and Head Physiotherapist at the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne 2006 and in Delhi 2010 as physiotherapist for the Australian Gymnastics team.

Presently, Wendy is the Head Physiotherapist for the VIS/Victorian gymnasts and Victorian women’s softball team.

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Experts from a range of disciplines will present varying perspectives on the
challenges faced by the female athlete and clinician in sport. Gain confidence
in being able to manage the common problems that affect these athletes and a
better understanding of what it is like to be a female athlete.