Women in Sport Symposium

Session Time   Topic  Name Discipline
0800-0855 Registration
0855-0900 Welcome Liam West Doctor
Hot Topics for Female Sports Participation
0900-0920 Relative Energy Deficiency Syndrome (RED-S)  Kathryn Ackerman (USA)  Doctor
0920-0940 Eating Disorders  Natalie Kyan Psychologist
0940-1000 A link between hormones & injuries?  Adam Bryant  Academic Physiotherapist
1000-1020 Hypermobile Athletes Andrew Garnham  Doctor
1020-1030 Q&A  All Speakers
1030-1100 Networking and Coffee Break
Female Experiences Within Sport

Bridie O’Donnell (Moderator)

VIC Office for Women in Sport
 Melissa Barbieri  Athlete Soccer
Facilitated Panel Discussion  Livia Gluchowskav  Athlete (Jiu Jitsu)
 Peta Searle  Coach (AFL)
 Jacquie Louder  Psychologist
Wendy Braybon Physiotherapist
Laura Moretti (USA) Dietitian
1230-1330 Networking and Lunch Break
Exercising During Different Life Stages
1330-1350 During & After Pregnancy  Gen McGlashan  Women’s Health Physiotherapist
1350-1410 Exercise during the Menstrual Cycle Esme Soan Exercise Physiologist
1410-1430 Post-Menopausal Exercise Bryannah Downward  Exercise Physiologist
 1430-1450 Strength and Conditioning Training Challenges Ben King Strength and Conditioning
1450-1500 Q&A  All Speakers
1500-1530 Networking and Coffee Break
Common SEM Issues for Females in Sport
1530-1550 ACL Injuries  Mick Hughes  Physiotherapist
1550-1610 Breast Injury Deirdre McGhee Physiotherapist
1610-1630 Patellofemoral Pain Kay Crossley Physiotherapist
1630-1650 Pelvic Floor Issues & Incontinence Shan Morrison Women’s Health Physiotherapist
1650-1700 Q&A  All Speakers
1700 Symposium Close

For all general enquiries please contact:

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Ph: 03 9674 8702
Fax: 03 9674 8799
Email: smanat@sma.org.au

Experts from a range of disciplines will present varying perspectives on the
challenges faced by the female athlete and clinician in sport. Gain confidence
in being able to manage the common problems that affect these athletes and a
better understanding of what it is like to be a female athlete.