Hamstrung: The Injury Journey

Katherine Shone

Sports Performance Dietitian/Nutritionist


Katherine’s passion for sports nutrition stems from her personal involvement in endurance events including Ironman, marathon and ultra-marathon races. After a few years of experimenting with CrossFit, she found her way back to her passion for anything long distance by taking up marathon swimming.  

Katherine prides herself on helping all people, not just athletes, optimize their health via personalised, practical and achievable nutrition advice. She can help athletes identify fact from fiction, and adopt cutting edge, evidence based nutrition strategies to achieve peak performance. She loves assisting athletes with food sensitivities/intolerances and has a strong interest working with people (and athletes) with eating disorders.

Katherine is known for her gentle patient centred approach and enjoys working collaborative with individuals and athletes of all ages. Along with individual consultations, Katherine regularly runs group based nutrition seminars with local sporting clubs and teams.

For all general enquiries please contact:

Sports Medicine Australia – Victoiran Office
375 Albert Road
Albert Park  VIC  3206

Ph: 03 9674 8777
Fax: 03 9674 8799
Email: smanat@sma.org.au

The Hamstrung: The hamstring injury journey conference will take the delegate through the athlete’s journey during a hamstring injury from, prevention all the way to return to play. It will showcase talks from all disciplines of the multidisplinary team involved with hamstring injury management with learning points from the combination of landmark research projects and vast clinical expertise.