Hamstrung: The Injury Journey

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Dr Chris Bradshaw

Dr Chris Bradshaw is currently Sports Physician in charge at the Collingwood Football Club.

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Mr Brian Devitt

Brian is an Irish orthopaedic surgeon. He is currently undertaking a PhD in association with LaTrobe University and OrthoSport Victoria Research Unit. He is responsible for overseeing the research activities at OSV.

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Prof Karim Khan

Prof Khan is a co-author of Brukner and Khan’s Clinical Sports Medicine and current Editor in Chief of the British Journal of Sports Medicine (BJSM)

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Prof Craig Purdam

Craig is Head of the Physical Therapies Department, Australian Institute of Sport.

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Tania Pizzari

Dr Tania Pizzari

Dr Tania Pizzari is a researcher in the Department of Physiotherapy at La Tobe University and an adjunct research fellow for the Australian Centre or Research into Injury in Sport and its Prevention.

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The Hamstrung: The hamstring injury journey conference will take the delegate through the athlete’s journey during a hamstring injury from, prevention all the way to return to play. It will showcase talks from all disciplines of the multidisplinary team involved with hamstring injury management with learning points from the combination of landmark research projects and vast clinical expertise.