2016 ACT Sport Symposium


Welcome Message….

Please see below the Welcome Message for the 2016 Silent Contributors Symposium, from Mr Peter Garbutt:

Welcome to the 2016 SMA ACT/AIS Symposium on Silent Contributors. Over two days we’ll be exploring some of the less visible aspects of sports performance, injury and illness. As has become our custom biennially, it is again exciting to join with the AIS in putting this program together.
The ACT Sports Symposium has quickly gained an enviable reputation of pulling together a cocktail of incredible speakers from both the local area and around the world. 2016 is no exception. I’d like to extend my gratitude to the committee of SMA ACT board members and staff and AIS practitioners that have put this program together. We truly are hearing from the source with the calibre of the speakers on board. From training programming to load management, medications to sleep, injury monitoring to muscle morphology. We’ll travel from the molecular level to the global as we investigate some of the silent contributors that are often overlooked in injury, illness and performance. The best of Germany, Netherlands, Denmark and Australia are here to entertain and inform.
2016 is a big year for Australia in sport as it is for SMA locally and nationally. This symposium is felicitous in nature and standing for such a year as this.

I invite you to enjoy the gems of knowledge, the opportunities of our trade exhibitors and the commune of your peers over the two days of this symposium.

Yours in Sports and Health

Pete Garbutt

This Symposium is jointly presented by SMA ACT & AIS and will be held at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) in Canberra on Friday 18 and Saturday 19 March 2016.