2015 Asics Sports Medicine Australia Conference

ASMF Fellows Awards Information

The judging process for the 2015 ASMF Fellows Awards:

  • To be considered for an award in addition to the 400 word abstract you must also submit a longer maximum of 1 x A4 page paper. Without the submission of the additional 1 x A4 page paper you will not be considered for the awards. The 1 x A4 page paper must be submitted directly to the conference secretariat as a PDF file via email to acsms@sma.org.au and must be received by the submission deadline of midnight Monday 20 April 2015. The additional 1 x A4 page paper submitted to be eligible for awards will NOT be taken into consideration when allocating abstracts to oral and poster sessions.
  • All maximum of 1 x A4 page papers received by the submission deadline of 15 April 2014 may be eligible for an award.
  • Short listing of papers for conference prizes will be made on the basis of the maximum of 1 x A4 page paper so make sure you include enough detail to demonstrate the quality, significance and innovation of your work if you want to be considered for one of these awards.
  • Presentations associated with short listed papers will be assessed at the conference on Wednesday 21 October in a session being held from 0930 – 1230 by a panel of judges to determine the winners in the various categories.
  • Notification to authors if their maximum of 1 x A4 page paper has been shortlisted for awards will be made on 30 June 2015. Please note that those with shortlisted papers will be required to present in a dedicated preconference judging session on Wednesday 21 October from 0930 – 1230.
  • Award winners being asked to re-present their papers in the Best of the Best session will be announced on Friday 23 October at 1230 (and a list also placed on the Conference notice board). Best Papers winners plus any Best New Investigator Awards deemed by the judges to be of equal merit will be invited to re-present their papers in the Best of the Best session – the final event of the Conference program later on the afternoon of Saturday 24 October. The winner of the Asics Medal for Best Paper Overall will be judged at this session.
  • The winner of the Asics Medal will be announced at the Conference Dinner on the evening of Saturday 24 October 2015.

Please use the following template when submitting your paper to be considered for an award

1 x A4 page paper template


Terms and conditions of the ASMF Fellows awards:

  • Be unpublished original work and not previously presented in the proposed format. The abstract must not be identical to any that has been previously published.
  • No paper submitted after Monday 20 April can be considered for an award.
  • Only short listed papers will be judged.
  • Papers will be allocated to the Award shortlist at the discretion of the Conference and Judging Committees.
  • All Best Paper Award prize money must be spent on furthering research. An appropriate justification of how the money is to be spent will be required of prize winners.
  • Up to three New Investigator Award winners will be considered for the award of a presentation package for the American College of Sports Medicine Meeting in the following year. The package includes a registration waiver and support for travel expenses (to a maximum of AUD$3000) plus a guaranteed place in the ACSM program. Other New Investigator Award winners will receive an AUD$2000 cash prize to be spent on furthering their research.
  • Authors wishing to be considered for a New Investigator Award must be under 40 years of age and no more than 3 years post-doctoral at the time of the Conference. They must advise the Best New Investigator Award category when submitting their paper. Where no age category is advised the paper will only be eligible for the Open Awards.
  • To qualify for an award, all forms of communication (podium and posters) must be presented by the principal author.
  • Any author who is not able to make the presentation must inform the Conference Secretariat within two weeks of receiving the offer to present.
  • All presenting authors must register for the full conference by the 31st August 2015. Less than full registration is not acceptable.
  • Any author who is accepted and fails to present will be banned from presenting at the Conference’s for the next two years.
  • The Conference Committee reserves the right to change these terms and conditions and alter prize classification at any stage.
  • To be eligible for the Wendy Ey Women in Sport Award, the research undertaken must focus on women (the presenting author does not have to be female).

To be considered for one of the prestigious Australian Sports Medicine Federation Fellows Awards valued at over $21,500 in total, your abstract and paper should link closely with the conference theme, and you must register for the full Conference. All presenting authors must also pay for their registration by 31 August 2015 and be a member of Sports Medicine Australia (SMA) to be eligible for awards. Membership of Sports Medicine Australia is not restricted to Australian nationals. Further conditions apply for papers short listed for awards.

For details of judging/marking criteria for the Asics Sports Medicine Australia Conference click here.



Only use abbreviations for common terms. For uncommon terms, the abbreviation should be given in brackets after the first full use of the word.

If there are <100 in the sample remove the decimal places in percentages: 7 out of 11 is 64% not 63.64%.

Statistical values such as “p” and “r” should be quoted to two places, eg. p<0.05, r=0.94

Give subject ages as mean (to one decimal place and range, not standard deviation, e.g: mean 43.1 years, range 29-68, rather than mean 43.148 years, sd.7.145).

Make your paper clear enough for people from other disciplines to understand.

Understand that there may still be a real difference between two groups, even if the statistical test fails to support it (e.g. because the sample was too small).

*From “Open Letter to Conference Delegates” By Michael Whittle, University of Tennessee


The Conference organisers accept no responsibility for delay or cancellation of the Conference due to extraneous circumstances.

For all general enquiries please contact:

Conference Secretariat
Sports Medicine Australia
PO Box 78, Mitchell ACT2911

Ph: 03 9674 8709
Fax: 03 9674 8799
Email: acsms@sma.org.au

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About the 2015 Asics Sports Medicine Australia Conference

The 2015 Asics Sports Medicine Australia Conference will focus on current research and practice in areas relating to the promotion of, and safe participation in, all kinds of sport, exercise and physical activity. The 2015 Asics Sports Medicine Australia Conference will provide an interactive educational forum of the highest standard, promoting the latest physical activity and health developments amongst key and influential industry professionals.

The 2015 Asics Sports Medicine Australia Conference will be held at the Intercontinental Sanctuary Cove, Gold Coast, Australia, 21 – 24 October 2015.

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