2015 Asics Sports Medicine Australia Conference

Asics Medal

Awarded for the Best Paper Overall, presented at the Australian Sports Medicine Federation Fellows Awards

2013 – Professor Wendy BrownUniversity of Queensland

Population attributable risk factors in women: Should we be investing more in the promotion of physical activity?

Co-Authors: T. Pavey, A. Bauman

2012 – Dr Kay Crossley, University of Queensland

A randomised clinical trial of targeted physiotherapy for patellofemoral osteoarthritis

Co-Authors: B. Vicenzino, M. Pandy, A. Schache, R. Hinman

2011 – Miss Catherine Wild, University of Wollongong

Does higher anterior knee joint laxity alter landing biomechanics in pubescent girls? Implications for non-contact ACL ruptures

Co-Authors: J. Steele & B. Munro

2010 – Dr Louise Naylor, The University of Western Australia

Impact of shear stress on vascular function in humans: Explaining the direct impact of exercise on vascular health.

Co-Authors – H. Carter, T. Cable, D. Thijssen & D. Green

2009  – A/Prof. Philip Morgan, University of Newcastle

Intervention description and preliminary findings of the “Healthy Dads, Healthy Kids” pilot randomised controlled trial

Co Authors – D. Lubans, C. Collins, J. Bray, T. Burrows, R. Fletcher, T. Okely, J. Warren, & R. Callister

2008  – Mr James Gaida, Deakin University

Patients with chronic painful mid-portion Achilles tendinopathy have a dyslipidaemia that is characteristic of insulin resistance

Co Authors – L. Alfredson, Z. Kiss, J. Cook & H. Alfredson

2007 – Dr Dennis Taaffe, The University of Queensland

Physical activity, physical function and incident dementia in elderly men

Co Authors – F. Irie, K. Masaki, R. Abbott, H. Petrovitch, G.W. Ross & L. White

2006 – Dr Andrew Chapman, The University of Queensland

How is sensory feedback of force and knowledge of prior movement experience used in feedforward control of movement?

Co Authors – T. Milner

2005 – Dr Karim Khan, University of British Columbia

Action Schools! BC: daily physical activity increases bone strength in prepubertal boys

2004 – Dr Tim Olds, University of South Australia

Activity styles: A cluster analysis of children’s activity patterns

2003 – Ms Louise Naylor, The University of Western Australia

Effects of exercise training on cardiovascular function and structure in elite athletes

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About the 2015 Asics Sports Medicine Australia Conference

The 2015 Asics Sports Medicine Australia Conference will focus on current research and practice in areas relating to the promotion of, and safe participation in, all kinds of sport, exercise and physical activity. The 2015 Asics Sports Medicine Australia Conference will provide an interactive educational forum of the highest standard, promoting the latest physical activity and health developments amongst key and influential industry professionals.

The 2015 Asics Sports Medicine Australia Conference will be held at the Intercontinental Sanctuary Cove, Gold Coast, Australia, 21 – 24 October 2015.

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