‘SMA Endorsement’ means that SMA publicly and visibly supports a particular activity, product or service. Endorsement may be sought for both commercial and non-commercial purposes as an integral part of the service provided to SMA members and the community. SMA endorsement signifies our agreement, advocacy and recommendation towards the subject or action it endorses which has been deemed to be consistent with the aims and objectives of SMA. SMA’s recommendation is shown by the printing of the SMA logo and the words “SMA recommended” on the product.



For 55 years, Asics has been the supreme architect of technical athletic footwear that maximise performance and minimise the risk of injury. Asics enviable position as industry leader in technical shoe development is a recognition of Asics understanding of the science and biomechanics of sport, and as its understanding improves, so too does its footwear. However, in their quest to be the best, ASICS face new challenges to help athletes succeed in their chosen sports whilst remaining injury free.


For more information about endorsement opportunities with SMA, please contact SMA via email or call 03 9674 8777.