National Board


Dr Andrew Jowett – Sports Physician (VIC)

Dr Andrew Jowett is an experienced Sports and Exercise Physician, currently based at the Olympic Park Sports Medicine Centre in Melbourne, Victoria. A Fellow of the Australian College of Sports Physicians, Dr Jowett is an Executive Member of the AFL Medical Officers Association and the Chief Medical Officer of Football Federation Victoria. He worked as Club Doctor at the Collingwood Football Club for 14-years up to 2009, before joining Hawthorn Football Club, providing medical support. Dr Jowett has been Chairman of SMA since 2015.

Elected Board Members

Professor Gregory Kolt – Dean of Science and Health, Western Sydney University (NSW)

Professor Gregory Kolt is the Dean of Science and Health and Professor of Health Science and Lead Dean at Western Sydney University. Prior to his current positions, Professor Kolt was Associate Dean (Research), Professor of Health Science, and Founder and Co-Director of the Centre for Physical Activity and Nutrition Research at the Faculty of Health and Environmental Sciences at Auckland University of Technology (NZ). Professor Kolt has been the editor of a number of reputable publications, including SMA’s own Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport.


Professor Caroline Finch – Executive Dean Graduate Studies, Federation University (VIC)

Professor Caroline Finch is a medical researcher and epidemiologist currently working as the Executive Dean of Graduate Studies at Federation University in Ballarat, Victoria. Professor Finch is the Director of The Australian Collaboration for Research into Injury in Sport and its Prevention (ACRISP), an IOC recognised centre aiming to increase research in injury prevention and treatment for athletes. Professor Finch has had over 50 articles published in peer-reviewed journals and is one of the most respected injury prevention researchers in the world.

Susan Eaton – Sports Physiotherapist (NSW)

Susan Eaton is a Titled Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) Sports Physiotherapist based in New South Wales. Susan currently works as a Sports Physiotherapist, and was the prior owner/manager, at Forestville Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Centre, NSW. In the past, Susan has worked at the Specialist Sports Injury Centre and has spent time working in the hospital system and private practices in Australia, England and Switzerland. Susan has worked as a Sports Physio at the Sydney Olympics, International Netball and National Athletics and looks forward to working at the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Dr Nirmala Perera – Research Officer/Research Fellow ACSEP (VIC)

Dr Nirmala Perera is an epidemiologist with a clinical background. She is the Research Officer at the Australasian College of Sport and Exercise Physicians (ACSEP). Nirmala is the Social Media Coordinator for the IOC World Conference on Prevention of Injury and Illness in Sport and write the #IOCprev2017 Engagement, Evidence & Practice Blog Series in the British Journal of Sports Medicine (BJSM). In addition, Nirmala is the Scientific Committee Chair of the Sri Lankan Sports and Exercise Medicine Conference and was recently elected as a Sports Medicine Australia Board Member.



Dr Rob Reid – Sports Physician (ACT)

Dr Robert Reid has been part of the driving force in helping professionals, sports trainers and the wider community to grow the expertise in the field of Sports Medicine.  He has played an active part in the implementation of many major initiatives to widen and support the athletes care within the sports medicine community. Rob was awarded Life membership of SMA in 2014 for his twenty years’ service to Sports Medicine. He was a recipient in the Australia Day 2015 Honors list receiving the Member (AM) in the General Division of the Order of Australia.


Appointed Board Members

Fabio Egitto – Podiatrist (WA)

Fabio Egitto is a Podiatrist who runs his own clinic, Axis Podiatry, in West Perth, Western Australia. Fabio has over 20-years’ experience working as a qualified Podiatrist, acting as a consultant for the Perth Wildcats basketball team, the East Perth Football Club, the Swan Districts Football Club and at the Hopman Cup tennis tournament. He has also served as Director for the Australian Podiatry Association in WA and as Clinical Supervisor for the Department of Podiatry at Curtin University.


Belinda Hudson – Accountant (VIC)

Belinda Hudson is the Director of Business Advisory and Health Services at William Buck Victoria. An experienced accountant, Belinda has used her role at William Buck to work closely with the Australian Medical Association (AMA) in Victoria. Belinda is the preferred taxation provider for the AMA and the General Practitioner (GP) Foundation. She has combined a career in finance and accounting with a passion for sports medicine utilising her position at William Buck to help promote good health.