Sports Trainer Coverage at the 2017 Australian University Games

Sports Medicine Australia was proud to be the main trainer coverage provider for the 2017 Australian University Games on the Gold Coast.

The event was packed with fun and excitement, and our 50 sports trainers provided over 3,000 hours of coverage for over 9,000 students!

Below is a small taste of what our trainers got up to and incidents they had to take care of throughout the six-days of competition.

Thank you to trainer Laurie Farrugia for providing these pictures of a rugby player who put her tooth through her tongue.

Laurie also took care of a fractured ankle.

Trainer Ute Owen-Jones also happened to run into former Prime Minister, Tony Abbott while working at the netball.

Thank you to all our sports trainers who provided coverage on representing SMA helping make the Australian University Games a massive success!