Exercise in Extreme Environments – Sunshine Coast Cafe Series

Sunshine Coast Café Series presents – Exercise in Extreme Environments – Optimising Hydration and rehydration and minimising the of heat-related injury

Monday 20th February 2017


Venue – Sunshine Beach SLSC  Duke St. Sunshine Beach 4567

There are an increasing number of endurance events worldwide that are conducted in extreme environments. Such events include the Four Desert series, one of which located in the Gobi Desert March in China.  These events require participants to travel self-supported over 250 km in extreme temperatures, sometimes at altitude and often in conditions exceeding 40 Degrees C.  Significant challenges are presented to maintain optimum hydration and avoid heat related injuries. 

This seminar will outline the current science of hydration assessment and provide best-practice guidelines of hydration and re-hydration strategies in multistage endurance events conducted in extreme hot and/or humid conditions.   A case study of an athlete who completed the Gobi Desert March showing how these guidelines were practically implemented will also be presented.

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