Medical Management of Triathletes Seminar – Sunshine Coast

The Medical Management and Injuries of elite triathletes, including the Health and Nutritional Management of an Underperforming Elite Triathlete.
Monday October 24th at 5.30-8.30 pm
Sunshine Beach SLSC, Duke St, Sunshine Beach, Queensland

Triathlon is now a major endurance based sport popular with many athletes on the Sunshine Coast, with the Noosa Tri a major participant event in Australia. Triathlon demands high training loads, which may lead to a variety of overuse injuries and/or an “overstress syndrome” resulting in under-performance which may be caused by an imbalance between training and adequate recovery. Other factors such as viral illness, gut dysbiosis, food intolerance or other lifestyle stressors may also contribute to on-going fatigue and/or sub-optimal immune function. This seminar will outline the medical management and injuries sustained by triathletes and then describe an exercise and nutritional approach for an elite triathlete who presented with underperformance syndrome, and how he was able to return to optimal health and performance.

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