Sex before sport okay.

Latest research into the effect sex has on sports performance suggests that as long the sex occurs 10 to 12 hours before the athlete takes the field it seems to make little to no difference to the athletes output.

The research, being presented at Sports Medicine Australia’s 2013 Asics Conference of Science and Medicine in Sport, suggests that having sex 10-12 hours before athletic events does not have a negative effect on physiological testing and possibly athletic performance.

The research examined a number of previous scientific studies and found that sex the night before competition does not alter short term physiological testing results. Those tests included maximum grip strength, strength test, balance, lateral movement, reaction time, aerobic power, and VO2max.

“One of the studies showed significantly higher heart rate readings during a stress test at the five and ten minute mark for subjects who had engaged in sexual activity two hours before, those higher readings disappeared when the same test was performed 10 hours after sex,” study author Assistant Professor Of Sports Medicine at Shahid Beheshti, University Of Medical Sciences Tehran Iran, Shahram Mohaghegh said.

“In one other study 40 per cent of athletes said while exercising immediately after sexual intercourse they felt worse, while more than 90 per cent said having sex 12 hours before an endurance event did not influence their performance.”

The 2013 Asics Conference of Science and Medicine in Sport is a multidisciplinary meeting for professionals with an interest or involvement in sports medicine, sports science, physical activity promotion and sports injury prevention. It is being held in Phuket, Thailand from October 22 to 25.


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