2012 SMA Research Grant Winners

Congratulations to the following successful recipients of the 2012 SMA Research Foundation Grants. These awards are designed to support research conducted by postgraduate students and postgraduate practitioners for the purpose of advancing research in sports medicine and its relationship with disease prevention:

* Llion Roberts (University of Queensland) – An investigation into the effects and mechanisms of cold water immersion on the recovery of muscle function after intense resistance training.

* Harvi Hart (University of Melbourne) – The effects of targeted brace in people with post-traumatic knee osteoarthritis (OA) after anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction.

* Michael Kakanis (Bond University) – Mucosal immunity responses to prolonged heavy exercise and subsequent recovery.

* Christina Ekegren (Monash University) – Factors influencing uptake and use of an online injury surveillance system within community Australian football clubs.

* Mark Opar (La Trobe University) – Diagnosis and risk factors of exercise related pubic pain.

* Luke Vella (Deakin University) – Profiling the human eicosanoid response to acute resistance exercise in skeletal muscle tissue.

Applications for the 2013 SMA Research Grant Winners will be open at the end of May.