Asics Conference of Science and Medicine in Sport (ACSMS) 2010

Sheraton Mirage Resort, Port Douglas, November 4-6 2010

Researchers available for interviews

ACSMS 2010 will showcase the latest in sports science, sports medicine, physical activity promotion and sports injury prevention.

More than 400 of the most influential researchers and practitioners in these fields will enjoy sessions on exercise physiology, nutrition and physiology, paediatric exercise science, neuromechanics, recovery, sports psychology, physical activity, obesity prevention, ageing, sports injury and clinical issues.

The conference will showcase the latest developments through keynote and invited presentations, symposia, practical workshops, free papers, posters and a trade exhibition. More than 250 research papers will be presented.

Some conference sessions include:

  • The plateauing prevalence of childhood obesity and overweight – evidence from nine countries
  • Optimising breast support in female patients through correct bra fit
  • Are GPS devices creating a higher and unnecessary amount of rotations within the AFL or just looking after player welfare?
  • Ice vs gel, best strategies to reduce skin temperature?
  • The effects of cricket specific footwear on lower limb kinematics and kinetics in fast bowling
  • Using SmartPhones to increase physical activity: usability testing of the 10,000 steps iPhone application
  • Anterior knee pain severity fluctuates over the female menstrual cycle
  • Patterns of injury and risk factors in junior rugby union football: under 7 to under 12 year olds
  • Trends in cycling injuries 2000-2008 


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For more information visit http://sma.org.au/conference/

Media passes and access to conference abstracts/researchers are available.

Contact Amanda Boshier (Wilson), National Media Manager on mobile 0412 224 729,  phone 03 9674 8703 or email amanda.boshier@sma.org.au